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I am a guy who's got a lot of tattoos and loves animals and art. I'm working as many side hustles as I can right now because my dream is to have a recording studio of my own and help my homies who can't afford studios to get their music out as well as my own. I paint figurines for nerdy Hobbies too so I'll be around the south shore then in boys town in the same day but I like the dichotomy. 
Working with animals is easy, as I spend most of my time writing music, painting, and laying down with my cat Robin. He's not called Robin cause of the bird, think more like "Robbin" cause he steals my clothes and forms little nests. My cat is a double entendre. 
I also used to have an american stafford terrier named Clark Mcbark with a partner but they took him to Texas which made me real sad, so my side mission is to get a dog but I can't where I'm living at the moment. All my money goes into finding a place to live, my cat, and my art forms (mainly music cause painting I get commissions) 
And someday my art forms will take care of my close friends too. We are family for real. 

Pet Care Specialities

Dogs and Cats

Plus: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Fish



Favorite Restaurant

Bob Chinns

Favorite Place to Volunteer

Hyde Park

Passionate about...

Writing songs and painting D&D figurines!


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