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Susan Forte



After practicing corporate law in a large Washington, D.C. law firm for 6 years, Susan took over her family's Philadelphia mail-order business and grew it into a highly profitable, productive entity as well as a really fun and nurturing place to work. Ironically, that is where she discovered the pet-sitting industry---while researching pet related products for a new catalog.

Susan had two life dreams since she was a child: to have her own business, and to work with animals. Heaven Sent Pet Care married the two. Helping to create and build Heaven Sent has truly been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and exciting ventures she has ever been a part of. The pets, their families, and the pet care specialists she has gotten to know over the years have all been absolutely wonderful. Since 1999, her Heaven Sent business embodies her mission to serve pets, parents, her Walkers and Sitters, and the community with excellence and integrity.

Susan is also a singer-songwriter and is the lead singer in the band "Altered Ego."  She has 2 grown human children
Joey and Sofia, and 2 fur babies: Yogi the chocolate love-drop and Kevin a very entertaining dwarf rabbit.

Pet Care Specialities

Dogs and Cats

Plus: Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs & Fish




Favorite Animals

Dogs, Cats & Rabbits


Singing, Playing Guitar & Songwriting

Favorite Walk

Every Evanston/Wilmette/Kenilworth Residential Nieghborhood

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